So interesting how a day can unfold, giving way to pauses that encourage you to believe in the resourcefulness of mankind and the country way of communicating…
Today while sipping coffee in ‘full on’ no make up and just out of bed hair, a young man walks onto the porch, as I see him I think, “Oh no what does he want” (yes ‘want’ came to mind first, hum…) and since I have a glass door there is no ‘escaping’ the fact that I am home.
Time to walk the walk, my value is not on the outside as I answer the door in what may look like an early Halloween costume!   But all kidding aside, this is a slight step back in time casting aside the iPhone,  internet, Facebook, Craig’s list etc. to a good old fashion drive in the neighborhood ready to leave your hand written contact information ripped from a small spiral bound notebook situated in the upper right hand pocket of a flannel shirt.  (I expect there will be much more to selling the wood, but I like this version...)
The words went something like …

"A Lesson From Forestry"

09/17/19 As Bruce and I (& Steely) were taking our morning walk, I mentioned the need to move forward and remove the large trees identified some time ago with a red mark (imagine that procrastination to take away these majestic beauty's).   I was concerned that we do it soon, to limit the damage before the ground gets too soft...Bruce stated we are already a little late in the season and no matter what time of the year the tree removal team comes, it will 'leave a mark but its all repairable'....hummm!  That so moved me and led me to realize that 'life leaves marks' but they too can be repairable.

I have and you have literal scars from a childhood lived outside or perhaps a bad choice that did not end well, scars that are visible to the eye on the 'outside' the ones you have heard your friend (buddy) boasting about or covering up. But its those marks on the 'inside' those lessons in life, the traveling professor that shows up, knocks on all of …
When you were little, did you ever shuffle your socked feet along the carpet, then zap your brother or sister with just a light touch?Ha Ha! I did and if you did you have felt the effects of earthing, or grounding…welcome to barefoot blog!
As I try to stay grounded and honor the most recent transition from a 30 year career to ‘who knows what’ I realize “He” knows He knows why I am in this space and time, why I needed the pressure to feel the release and to find some stillness to listen intelligently and follow the energy to my next assignment.He knows why, mine is not to know the answer to all the ‘whys’ but to be a good student, do what is assigned to me today and He is responsible for the outcomes. I am learning when you lay your trust in something great rather than taking all the pressure on yourself it gives you a release and even if it is fleeting, that feeling that overwhelming feeling of “I’m going to be ok” at that moment is something you will continue to seek and the …

A Life Lesson From A Flower

I find myself like so many of us, in yet another life-changing 'growth' space.

This space was created about 8 weeks ago when I received a very short phone call telling me my 30 year career has concluded with the elimination of my position...hum 'received' (period). Now, more lessons to learn but interesting as I navigate this bump I see things a little differently, yes I am learning from my past.   I am not anywhere near 100% but I have improved and today I'll be proud of that.

As I stay present enough to 'hear' and 'see', this mornings classroom my 'flower garden'...I have fed them food in the form of 'miracle grow' and as I reflect I see my own growth and that these 'spaces' are miracles showing up in ways that may not feel so miraculous but if embraced give growth...however my plants are so much more grounded than me that they are fed by a source greater than that found in a bag bought at Lowe's, most will survive wit…

Cross Roads of Life

Crossroads; "a crucial point especially where a decision must be made"
Sometimes these crossroads are of our choosing sometimes they feel more like they are put upon us...either way they signify 'change'. I once read someone's perspective of change...'Change is great! You go first...'
I agree change can be great, particularly if it's your idea, but what about those times that it's not our idea, that the plan as laid out before us by us, didn't look like this...after all I took my ticket got on the train and knew exactly where I was heading and where is was going to exit...'hum laughable'.  
We all have enough life experience that we know life doesn't necessarily work that way, for me, it's more of a 'trail ride' full of comfort, natural beauty, opportunities, unknowns, choices, rough areas to navigate but much like a trail ride those of us that don't go it alone and aren't afraid to be vulnerable can have a more pr…

"On the Radio"

Every now and then its good to just jump out of your 'comfort zone' and today I did just that...
I was invited to speak on a local radio station (98.5 WNYR) to share the story of 'Inside Out' Living Life Beyond the Surface, what a thrill to receive the invitation...and what an opportunity to socialize this great brand and hope to help 'someone' today.  Now as you know by my website I offer 'speaking engagements' and am a professional presenter of nearly 30 years in front of  a live audience but this radio thing that's different!  Most people are fearful of public speaking for me I'm the other way around, I want that energy and audience but hey lets give it a go!

Of course, I had plenty of time to get ready, after all when I first accepted, I had 4 weeks to prepare, but as they say, if it wasn't for the last minute nothing would get done and that is where I found myself, in the 'last minute'.   For those of you who don't know me …

"Connected to Her"

It was early Sunday morning February 3 as I found myself in front of a magnifying mirror, my companion, to help me cover up the life that is so spelled out on my face...why must I?? And as with many mornings I am entertained by a performance right outside the bathroom window, staring an array of birds socializing over a morning meal, I am grateful for each of their roles and their reminders of what matters most. Soon after I shed a soft smile upon seeing the Sunday morning show, from my peripheral vision, I sprung fully to the window to 'see' what I 'heard', horse hooves!  This is not necessarily a unique sound at my country home but on Sundays it is certainly more consistent as the Mennonite community hustles off to church. If I am near the window I will always take a peak to see the horses, are they big, are they small are they proud and prancing, are they reliable and at ease...but this morning I saw so much more!
I often see families in buggy's, young and old,…